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Genetic Counseling of Inherited Skin Diseases (Hiroshi Shimizu, Professor)

This clinic offers consultations to doctors from Japan and abroad on cases whose diagnosis and treatment are difficult. The consultation cases are varied, including those on epidermolysis bullosa, my specialty, and on keratoses such as ichthyosis. The clinic is open on Wednesdays. I see patients by appointment. Consultations from medical institutions are welcome any day of the week. Many inquiries come from doctors throughout Japan and abroad Internet and telephone.
  A new development in the treatment of epidermal bullosa is the use of autologous epidermal sheets, which are already covered by Japan’s National and Social Health Insurance for application to severe burns. I’m conducting clinical tests on the effectiveness of these sheets in cooperation with other universities. A new cell therapy project is under way toward using the cells of patients whose mutated genes were naturally restored with age (natural gene therapy).
  To further improve patient quality of life, guidance and education are provided, such as when Dr. Yasuyuki Fujita was dispatched to the Study Meeting for Learning Care for Intractable Skin Disease hosted by DebRa Japan.

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