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Inpatient Hospital Ward Satoru Aoyagi

 FY 2013 was another busy year for the doctors on hospital ward. As usual, we accepted many patients with serious and intractable conditions. The 10 resident doctors revivified the ward,making the atmosphere even brighter than usual.  The residents showed daily progress in  their grand round presentations and in their work in the treatment and surgery rooms. I was able to recognize their progress and feel satisfied.
 The cumulative number of patients as of December 2013 was 390. The average bed occupancy rate was 98.41%, and the average days of stay was 14.71 days.
As usual, melanoma patients accounted for the largest share of patients. Most of these patients were hospitalizedfor periodical feron maintenance therapy. Other patients stayed in the hospital to receive surgery for malignant and benign tumors, treatment and education for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, and treatment for bullous dermatosis and lymphoma.
  We were able to treat many inpatients who were referred to the outpatient clinic in 2013, too. I’ll continue to provide the referring institutions with information on their referrals, including on the results of surgical procedures.

  The staff and resident doctors and other members of the ward (April
25, 2013)
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(April to Dec. of 2013).
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