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Laser Therapy (Yukiko Nomura, Assistant Professor)

The Special Clinic for Laser Therapy is open on Thursdays for patients with appointments. Not only are patients referred by hospital departments of obstetrics/ gynecology and pediatrics, but they’re also referred by practitioners in local communities. Some parents come for consultations about their babies soon after delivery. I always keep it in mind to explain the conditions with care and to allay any unnecessary worries. Many young patients have been coming to the clinic for years. When I see how their lesions have improved, I realize how they’ve grown. It’s a joyous part of a doctor’s hard work in the laser clinic. Currently, treatments are done by using a Q-switched Alexandrite Laser and a V-beam. Most of the patients are young children with capillary malformation, hemangioma and ectopic Mongolian spot. Recently, adult patients have been treated for hemangioma simplex and telangiectasia, although the number of cases is small. I hope laser treatment will improve their QOL.

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