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Outpatient Clinic (Toshifumi Nomura, Assistant Professor)

  The outpatient clinics are open on weekday mornings except Thursday. The full referral system, which started in October 2012, has been operating smoothly with cooperation from affiliated medical institutions. Thanks to the system, it has become possible to provide intense education to students and resident doctors. The business climate surrounding the University Hospital seems severe these days; however, the revenues from the outpatient clinic of the Department of Dermatology have been rising, and that clinic is highly regarded by the hospital’s board of directors. I’ve heard that, starting this fiscal year, all the departments of the University Hospital will be using the full referral and appointment system. Other changes to the system may also occur this year. The Department of Dermatology will endeavor to create better and smoother relationships with affiliated institutions. I’d like to ask doctors at affiliated institutions for further corporation and support in the system, for patient referrals between the university hospital and the affiliated institutions.

To visit, please make an appointment.
Telephone: +81-11-716-1161 ext. 5770 / 5771
Fax: +81-11-706-7820

Professor Shimizu’s outpatient clinic for first-visit patients: Not only do the students and resident doctors have opportunities to learn from Professor Shimizu, but so do the senior doctors

The outpatient clinic staff with Ms. Yamamoto, who left the clinic in March

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