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Skin Tumors and Surgery (Hiroo Hata, Chief of the Skin Surgery Team)

The Special Clinic for Tumors and Surgery is open from 2PM Thursdays for patients with appointments. At the outpatient clinic, in addition to giving pre-op examinations, we explain surgical procedures, make reservations for hospitalization and give regular postop examinations. Same-day surgery is done in certain cases. About 400 same-day surgical procedures were done last year. Figures 1 and 2 break down same-day surgeries by month and by surgeon, respectively. The figures show that the resident doctors worked very hard.

I see referred patients for their initial consultation. For referrals to me that are made through the University Hospital’s Medical Liaison Center, appointments are automatically scheduled for the earliest possible day. Please use this system of going through the Center. I’ll continue to provide the referring institutions with thorough information on referred patients, including the results of operations.

Fig. 1 Day surgeries broken down by month in 2013

Fig. 2 Day surgeries broken down by surgeon in 2013

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