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2014 Departmental Welcome and Farewell Party

We welcomed many promising new department
members this year, too. Specially Appointed Assistant
Professor Hiroaki Iwata joined the department. Drs.
Satoru Aoyagi and Maki Adachi, and Mr. Tetsumasa
Sasaoka, left the department. Dr. Aoyagi received
the distinguished service award of the Department of
Dermatology, Hokkaido University.(Yukiko Nomura)

Departmental Barbeque Party

We had a barbecue this year, again, with fine beef
donated by a senior Koshikai member. Department
member help to set up and cleaned up. The party was
a great success with many participants including doctors from affiliated hospitals and students. (Takamasa Ito)

Departmental Beer Party

When the advance team of the department arrived
at the park at 3PM, the seats in the enclosures had
already been taken. We found enough garden seats
for everyone by running in the sudden shower, like
some kind of religious ritual. After the shower, the
weather improved, and we enjoyed the beautiful
summer evening with plenty of beer. (Takamasa Ito)

Departmental New Year’s Party

The warm, homelike departmental New Year’s party
was attended by department members, others working
in the department, and their families. It was a
fun annual occasion for us to meet the children of
the department members. Every time, we see how
quickly the children are growing. (Yukiko Nomura)

Interdepartmental basketball meet

Thanks to the increase in the number of department
members, a team from the Department of Dermatology
participated in an inter-departmental sports meet for
the first time in a while. The results notwithstanding,
participation was meaningful and fun for us all. We
enjoyed sports as a good team. (Takamasa Ito)

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